She Smiles; poem in recognition of Earth Day

Spinning, spinning, spinning.

An endless circle. 

Round and round and back round again.

The breeze running its fingers through her hair, the splinterly wood of the park bench pointing into the palms of her hands. 

The water shimmers in the hot sun, revealing the reflection of the V of birds flying overhead. 

She smiles. She, along with many, notices the beauty.

Round and round. It never stops spinning, even when the old muscles of its body grow weak and tired. 

It perseveres.

The hot sand and shells under and on top of her toes provide a warm compress on her tired feet. 

The world keeps spinning. It is also tired.

She takes a few steps forward and the cool ocean water washes the sand off, revealing clean and refreshed feet. Little blue fish swim  in the clear waters a few feet ahead. 

She smiles. She, along with many, notices the beauty.

Spinning, running, working. It never stops.

She takes a step up off of the slippery, shimmery ice into the deep and fluffy snow. A single bird chirps from an old, bare tree, it’s branches coated in white.

Not a single sound, other than the sweet song, is heard. The world around her is silent.

She smiles. She, along with many, notices the beauty.

Of course, anyone would.

The world is so beautiful. 

So perfect.

But what about the trees? Where are the trees in the park? And the hot sun? It shouldn’t be this hot in early winter.

What about the small pieces of debree and rubbish in the sand that she mistakens for shells? What about the fish, the poor, poor fish, swimming around in the polluted water? 

And what about the trash deep under the snow? The world seems so pretty with a coating of white, but what will happen when it goes away? What will the trash do?

Yes, the world is beautiful. She, along with many, sees that. 

The great big world keeps working, keeps spinning, pain rushing through its body.

And a single tear rolls down it’s cheek.

Then another.

And another.

Clouds crowd the sky.

And it rains.

I hope this poem I wrote tells you how I feel about our planet in recognition of Earth Day. It is such a beautiful place, but it’s beauty covers the eyes of many to hide the flaws. The flaws that we as humans have caused. If we don’t take action to help our planet, the beauty will be gone in the blink of an eye, and we’ll be stuck here wondering what on earth went wrong.

Global warming, including the pollution of the air, pollution of the water and dry land, littering, etc. are issues today that all fall under the same category: harm. As humanity grows, along with new inventions and ways of life, so does harm to the earth. We all need to support our planet as it keeps spinning for us every single day. We are not the only ones living here. We need to prepare and care for our home as it will become other people’s home in the near and distant future. 

I recently visited the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean…

 …It was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been. And even being the most serene and elegant location I’ve visited, there was litter on the ground. The fumes of cars and tour buses filled the air. Boats filled the seemingly clean ocean and obviously took a part in polluting it. Of course you cannot see this in the photos I took, and this proves my point even more about how we hide the fact that our world is in trouble. This shows that wherever we go in the world, harm to the earth is an issue. There is no escape. Unless we all stand together and take action.

Where have you been in the world that you found the most beautiful, and what do you admire most about this location? 

What is an issue that is harming the planet in this location? 

Let’s Try Something Different

Well, here I am, posting my first blog! Never have I ever expected to see how I like the blogging world, especially when the blogs are my own words…it’s just never really seemed like a hobby that would suit my personality. 

I’m sure a lot of bloggers are inspired by other bloggers or celebrities they see or a desire to share with the world something they have accomplished, perfected, or created, and usually I would be too. But not in this instance, no…I was inspired by a word. It’s actually quite funny to be honest. 

I was reading an article online when the word “ineffable” stood out to me. It sat there, in the midst of so many others, and just called me. Somehow I heard it’s call, read each letter a few times, and let the thoughts and ideas rush into my head. I started thinking about how everyone in the world lives ineffable lives. Not a life is too simple or too complex; we all live in such a way that seems so basic or so confusing to others, but we can barely put into words what it is like to look from our point of view. The only way for a person to really understand another person is to literally live inside that person, and this is obviously impossible. 

Life is a beautiful thing, and I think God gave us our confusing, imperfect lives for a reason. They are not meant to be understood. We are not meant to grow up and know everything there is to know about the universe, let alone everything about our neighbor. What would the fun in that be? Life is ineffable, too beautiful to express. We all may be imperfect, but we’re perfectly imperfect.

So, not only would I like to share with you my day to day experiences, from funny stories to life lessons, but I would also like to show you that no one is perfect. Not inside and not outside either. I want to build a community/add to the community of people who share with each other their imperfect lives and both joke and learn from them. 

So, starting right now, look at reality. Notice the small words in between paragraphs. Learn from others as well as teach others. Let’s try something different…and take a minute to be imperfect.